24-04-2018 Fatfish basks in strong cryptocurrency performance underpinning APAC Mining By George Tchetvertakov April 19, 2018 Cryptocurrency mining is reaping dividends for Fatfish Internet Group (ASX: FFG) as the company continues to sow its commercial strategy across various sectors of cryptocurrency, fintech and consumer internet technologies. The ASX-listed venture capital and development company which also has crypto-mining interests in APAC Mining (now known as Minerium), a privately-held company in which Fatfish has a 51% stake following a US$1 million investment earlier this year. APAC Mining currently has active Bitcoin and Ethereum mining activities which Fatfish says are on track to deliver US$1.7million (A$2.19million) annualised gross revenue per year, as a result of mining approximately 170 bitcoins and 690 Ethereum ethers per calendar year. Furthermore, Fatfish reports that APAC’s operations are currently operating at 60% capacity due to a delay in electrical engineering work at its mining server farms in Malaysia, but says that its servers will be running at full capacity “within the next 30 days”. Cryptocurrency delights Fatfish has remained stoic in tempering growing excitement within the rapidly emerging crypto-mining niche by saying that “as the operation is still in its early stage it is too early to estimate its