Our Company

Our Company

Minerium is a crypto mining technology firm that runs large scale crypto mining centres across the globe (previously known as APAC Mining). With its first crypto mining farms set up in Malaysia, Minerium brings crypto mining efficiency to the forefront by extending its operations to other international locations such as Mongolia and Canada, where low cost energy is readily available.

Minerium’s crypto mining farms are secure and equipped with strong and efficient computational power specially designed for crypto mining. With highly trained and experienced operations team in place, Minerium has been able to make large scale industrial mining accessible for everyone, while maximising its performance.

Minerium was launched in October 2017, and received investment and support from sophisticated tech institutional investor such as Fatfish Internet Group (ASX:FFG), which has multiple investments in the consumer internet and blockchain sectors around the world.

Business Model

Our business is built on a very unique hybrid model, that maximises investment returns for our investors and clients. Minerium’s business model is a two-pronged approach i.e. we are an enterprise miner and also a mining-as-a-service provider. As an enterprise miner, we invest and manage our own mining equipment to mine cryptocurrencies for ourselves as business income. We also offer mining-as-a-service solutions to customers, which enables everyone to leverage our resources and capabilities in crypto mining. This model helps us to ensure optimum economy of scale and a balanced capital requirement for our stakeholders, maximising returns for all stakeholders.