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Why Use Minerium?

Simple and Quick Process to Earn Cryptocurrency

Cut the hassle of setting up own mining hardwares. All you need is to pick a desired package to start mining immediately.

Mining hardware is noisy and emit lots of heat. It is not suitable to be installed in your home or workplace.

Competitive Offerings and Business Model

We are an enterprise miner – we invest, build and manage our own crypto-mining farms across the globe.

We maximise the output of crypto-mining with utmost efficiency in large-scale alongside combination of leasing and investment models to ensure profitability for ourselves and our clients.

Scalability & Availability

Our large scale mining facilities are actively running, with progressive setup of our eventual aim of having 100,000 crypto mining rigs.

What Is The Process?

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Make Payment

Hassle free with one-off payment, and start mining.

Stay Up to Date!

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Who Are We?

Minerium is a global crypto mining technology firm that runs large scale crypto mining centres across the major mining hubs in the world (previously known as APAC Mining). With its first crypto mining farms set up in Malaysia, Minerium brings crypto mining efficiency to the forefront by extending its operations to other international locations such as Mongolia and Canada, where low cost energy is readily available.

Minerium’s crypto mining farms are secure and equipped with strong and efficient computational power. With highly trained and experienced operations team in place, Minerium has been able to make large scale industrial mining accessible for everyone, while maximising its performance.

We Accept Following Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequent will I receive my payout?

You can always check how much BTC that your miner has mined from your dashboard (updated daily) and expect your payout to your wallet once they reach the minimum payout value at the next payout date (5th and 20th of each month). Minimum payout value is 0.02 for BTC, however such value may varies due to transfer charges and customers will be informed of such changes.

Does Minerium provides a temporary wallet?

We do not offer a wallet service. There are many different types of wallets and we think its a personal choice for our customers. During account registration process, customers will required to provide their chosen wallet for BTC/ETH payout purpose in order to complete the process.

How does Managed Hosted Service work with Minerium?

As soon as we receive your verified payment your contract will be added to your profile. Your miner hardware will be setup within 30 days and you can start mining. The miner hardware will only belongs to you upon expiration of your Managed Hosted Service contract.